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To enhance independent innovation, promote technological achievement industrialization and cultivate innovative talents, the company invited academician Yang Shengli from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor Wei Dongzhi from East China University of Science and Technology and his team to jointly apply for The first academician workstation in citricacid industry---Shandong Ensign Industry Academician Workstation in 2011, and it was approved for its establishment by five Departments including Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Shandong Science and Technology Agency, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Association.

The establishment of this workstation promotes cooperation and communication between ENSIGN and scientific research institute, as well as academic authority, and improves ENSIGN’s technology research ability, moreover it will provide Ensign strong intellectual support in terms of technology research and development, quality improvement, industry chain extension, talent cultivation and so on, and play an important role in strengthening ENSIGN development advantage and promoting leaping development.