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Technology Center of Weifang Ensign Industry Co., Ltd (Ensign Technology Center) includes R&D, test and industry-study-research departments. The technology center has more than 100 full-time R&D and quality inspection personnel, including one Weifang high- level innovative, creative talent and more than 30 personnel with master or higher degree. The company upgraded and reconstructed the original technology center in 2011 by inventing more than 30 million yuan to build the new technology building, which covered more than 5000 square meter and was put into use in 2012.

At present, the technology center has many research platforms such as Shandong Ensign Industry Academician Workstation, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Engineering and Technology Research Center, Key Laboratory of Citric Acid Fermentation and the national accredited laboratory, Post-doctoral scientific research work station and Taishan scholar posts are also under construction now. Ensign technology center including more than 600 various full-time management and technical personnel is the professional institute for R&D, quality management and products test of the company.

In order to promote the development of citric acid industry, Ensign technology center successively develops cooperation with several universities and scientific research institutes, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China University of Science and Technology, Jiangnan University, Shandong University, Shandong Academy of Food & Fermentation Industries and Shandong Academy of Sciences etc.As the initiate unit, Ensign invites many colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and well-known enterprises in the industry to set up citric acid industry technical innovation strategic alliance and promotes the development of citric acid industry together.