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Former Director of the State Food Reserve Administration Gao Tiesheng and his delegation visited Ensign Industry for a survey


On the afternoon of June 5th,Gao Tiesheng, the former director of the State Food Reserve Administration, andhis delegation visited Ensign Industry for a survey.

Theleader of Shandong Province, Weifang City, Changle County and Ensign Industrywere accompanied.

Gao Tiesheng and hisdelegation successively came to the Production Workshop and Technology Center forinvestigation, looked carefully at our products, communicated with the personin charge of the business, had a detailed understanding of production andoperation of the enterprise and next developing plan, askedthe enterprise for comments and suggestions about grainindustrialization work.

Thesurvey groupgave full affirmation to our company's grain industry development work.Gao Tiesheng expressed:EnsignIndustry, as a leading enterprise in the industry, continues to lead the citricacid industry upgrade,promotes the continuousexpansion of the industrial scale of China's biological fermentation industry,gains rich experience ingrain industry economy. Andhoped our company will continue to keep innovative development, make new andgreater contributions to the healthy development of the national grainindustry, and make due contributions to the promotion of local economicdevelopment.

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