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The 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation and the 2022 Work mobilization Conference of Ensign were Held Grandly


OnJanuary 20, 2022, the 2021 annual summary and commendation and the 2022 workmobilization conference of Ensign were held grandly in the company conferenceroom. Group Chairman Li Shiyong, Group Vice President Li Yanxuan, WeifangEnsign General Manager Li Jian, and managers at all levels of the company,honored employee representative and others attended the meeting. More than 240people attended the conference.

The general manager of Ensign Industry made a report on thework of the whole year and emphasized the honesty, self-discipline andconfidentiality. The conference read out the decision on commending the 2021annual advanced collectives and individuals and decision on technologyinnovation award.  The representatives of 2021 advanced collective, advancedindividual and technological innovation award winners presented the prize, andthen representative of the winning employee spoke on stage.

Finally, Li Shiyong, chairman of Ensign Group delivered aspeech. On behalf of Ensign Industry, the chairman of the board congratulatedthe advanced collectives and advanced individuals and gave instructions andrequirements for the development plan of the company.

The conference concluded successfully with the completion ofits agenda.

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