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Talent Philosophy : Culture to Cohesion Personnel, Training to Educate Personnel, Mechanism to Urge Personnel, Career to Keep Personnel.

Talents are thefirst productivity and the first resources for science development. Ensign’sunderstanding to talents is: Morality and attitude come first. Ensigncontinually creates and improves Ensign characteristic talent cultivationmechanism and platforms, providing various kinds of training and learningopportunity for staff, helping staff to have a clear and definite careerplanning. Staff can continually improve operational capability and professionallevel, which fulfil their occupational target localization.

At the same time,Ensign is dedicated to building an impartial talents incentive mechanism bymeans of echelon construction, realizing the principle of promoting talents,replacing ordinaries and demoting mediocrities; Ensign would like to providelager development space and more development opportunities to employees whowant and have the ability to develop by means of providing scientific andreasonable promotion channel for staff, which can arouse staff’s enthusiasm andinitiative to work. Ensign is willing to offer staff a stage to display theirability and realize their dream and integrate staff’s career pursuit intocompany’s vision to realize a win-win relationship between company and staff.