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Pass on Love in Ensign-Donation for Distress


From May 31 to June 1, 2018, a warm and impressive scene happed in Weifang Ensign. Staff provided love and donation to colleague and family member who suffered a traffic accident. Ensign’s Team Philosophy “Collective Purposes to Form a Fortress” is also the code of conduct for Ensign united and struggling family.

At about 9:30pm,the evening of May 23, a couple who work in Ensign and their family members suffered a serious traffic accident on their way home with three deaths and two serious injuries, leaving an only 15 years old son to face the misfortune.

As a member of Ensign, the couple’s accident tore everyone’s heart out, leaders and staff from Ensign organized and took the lead in providing donation to help them. The car accident was relentless but people have heart of philanthropism. More than¥37thousand was collected in a few days as well as other method for donation. We trust that the little bit of kindness gathers into a warm current and it will be passed to the family with flush of hope, which brings love to them, and at the same time let us who are in Ensign big family feel warm.




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