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Ensign Holding Group and Shandong University of Technology Jointly Built "Hope House" and University Students Social Practice Base Signing Ceremony was Held


Ensign HoldingGroup and Shandong University of Technology jointly built "HopeHouse" and the university students’ social practice base signing ceremonywas held on September 14, 2021 at the 1st meeting room of EnsignIndustry Co., Ltd.

Leaders fromShandong University of Technology and Ensign Industry, as representative ofEnsign Holdings Group attended the signing ceremony.

As anenterprisewith high social responsibility, Ensign Holdings Group has been activelyresponsible for social responsibility and actively participates in variousforms of social welfare activities.

After thesigning ceremony, the signing guests visit the refining workshop, citric acidfinished products warehouse, technology center, 400,000 tons / year boutiquecitric acid green intelligent manufacturing project construction site, theleading guests gave high praise to the high-quality development of ENSIGN.

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