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Caring for Employees · Caring for Parents. Spring Festival "filial piety welfare" was Sent Home from Ensign Group


"Filial piety culture" isalso the traditional culture that Ensign has been advocating and promotingsince its establishment.Inorder to gratitude all employees for their hard work in the past year andinherit the company's "filial piety" culture, on one hand,the parents of Ensign’s employee enjoyfilial piety money monthly, meanwhile Ensign has prepared a special SpringFestival gift -- "Filial piety welfare" for them.

Ensign sent this "filial pietywelfare" to home directly by the unified way of sending"blessing" to the door. The company representatives sent one part andthey visited the parents of the nearby employees and outstanding employeerepresentatives. In addition, Ensign entrusted SF Express to distribute theother part.Each of"filial welfare" is full of Ensign's care and best wishes foremployees' parents.

The love and care transmitted among Ensign,employees and their relatives with Spring Festival "filial pietywelfare", and the emotion has been heating up in the transmission repeatedly.

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